We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Dennis F., Oberlin, OH

They offer professional, knowledgeable, thorough and excellent service. They completely inform the customer of options. Has my highest recommendation!

Robert H., Wellington, OH

I liked everything about my experience.

Harry C., Cleveland, OH

Very good reception and friendly, nice people. Thank you.

Carrie S., Wellington, OH

I liked that they explain to you what is to be done. They are always professional, they treat you as the only one, they are never in a hurry. I would tell other people that have a hearing problem to go to them.

Harry C., Cleveland, OH

From first test visit to final adjustment was just fantastic - Perfect!!! Dr. Hetsko was the best I've ever met. Again, the best!!!

Bill L., Lagrange, OH

I give it 5 stars for the exam, explanation and service.

Connie Y., Wakeman, OH

I love the time you get to spend with the staff. They are very thorough and you don’t feel like a number. Dr. Josh really takes time with his patients. He is very personable, wish all Dr’s were this way.

Phyllis S., Elyria, OH

I liked the very caring Dr. and staff.

Gerald M., Grafton, OH

I liked the friendly, easy-going staff, no high-pressure sales and answers to all my questions.

Mary, Oberlin, OH

I liked the professionalism of the staff. Their thorough explanation of procedures and care of the hearing aids are recommended.

John H., Lorain, OH

At my initial appointment, all my questions were answered in a calm and understandable manner, and no question was treated as too “silly” to answer. My hearing testing was very thorough and professionally done, resulting in very little adjustments required when fitting the hearing aids at my first fitting. All follow up appointments were only to review my concerns (if any) but they too were a pleasant experience.

Harry B., Sullivan, OH

What I liked best was no waiting. Doctor sets you up with the aid that will perform the best for you. Doesn’t try to sell you something no suited for your hearing problem. His HELP are very friendly. Received courtesy call before next appointment.

Robert L., Amherst, OH

What I liked best was the good service.

Jeanne M., Oberlin, OH

Dr. Hetsko is very comprehensive and personable. Explains everything thoroughly.

Frank H., Amherst, OH

I like the high quality of hearing aids, the thoroughness of the instructions on the use of the products by the staff and the reminders of appointments.

Helen N., Elyria, OH

Dr Hetsko was so very thorough and took the time to explain everything in great detail. He not only sold a hearing aid but makes sure it is what you need and will be satisfied with.

Richard D., Elyria, OH

I liked the professionalism, expertise, cordiality and the excellent results.

Edith T., Oberlin, OH

The staff at the Oberlin Hearing Care Center are very caring; sensitive to my questions/needs. They provide great information about your new hearing aids. Their service is fantastic. I love my new aids!

Dorothy V., Amherst, OH

I appreciate the care I got.

Beth D., Wellington, OH

Dr. Hetsko and his entire staff were very knowledgeable and professional. The use of technology during the entire process was incredible. I was amazed at the improvement of my hearing.

Charles H., Grafton, OH

I like the continuous follow up and adjustment of the system.

Martin H., Amherst, OH

I like the personal and professional attention I received from the doctor and all of his staff.

Howard D., Elyria, OH

Friendly, prompt service. Willing to follow thru when there are problems. The product is very good and easy to use. Highly recomended!

Barbara S., Wellington, OH

Everyone is very courteous and take the time to listen to your questions and answer them so you understand. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Pat K., Oberlin, OH

Very caring and helpful. Answered all questions very well. Would recommend to others.

Lloyd W., Oberlin, OH

I like how care is taken to make adjustments that I need.

Rich G., Wellington, OH

I’ve had about 30 years experience with Oberlin Hearing Care and have no complaints. The audiologist is kind, friendly and explains clearly how the hearing aids function. I actually look forward to my next visit!

Gatha B., Kipton, OH

I like the friendship of both Drs. They explain everything you need to know about the hearing aids. My son-in-law got hearing aids there.

Charley H., Lagrange, OH

I’m so happy I can hear now.

Robert L., Millersburg, OH

Personal care, to be certain new hearing aids are perfect.

Craig S., Elyria, OH

I like their attention to detail, extenstive testing, computer checking of hearing aides, co operative, friendly staff. Long trial period and taking time with me, being treated as a valued individual.

Tim M., Elyria, OH

I appreciate how Dr. Hetsko cared for me, from the initial exam, through the entire process. He took time with me, was very thorough, and cared about my comfort and satisfaction with the end result. His staff is awesome.

Elmer W., Elyria, OH

I really like Dr. Hetsko’s Board Certification by American Board of Audiology and references from other patients of his. Efficient and well staffed office in both equipment and personnel.

Thelma M., Oberlin, OH

I liked the careful, clear guidance as I adjusted to life with my new hearing aids and the continued support and service I count on in the future from Oberlin Hearing Care.

Jane M., Wellington, OH

Everyone was always cheerful. Each person was treated with much respect. They made a dreaded experience bearable.

David R., Elyria, OH

The people were very informative and understanding of my needs.

Pauline F., Oberlin, OH

Very thorough! Easy to talk to! Provides free batteries and check ups! My husband went to him before he died.

Ralph B., Oberlin, OH

Dr. Hetsko and staff took great care in diagnosing my hearing loss and then developed a program for me to achieve my hearing goals that fit my lifestyle.

Richard H., Lagrange, OH

I really like Joshua Bowyer & Rick Hesko. Everything 100% professional from front reseptionisht to exam & fitting. Joshua is a very nice and knowable young man. I asked alot of questions. He took time to explain in great detail about what I was purchasing. Hearing aids work well and I’m very satisfied. I only hope the rest of my life goes as well as my experience in this office. Thanks to all the employees.

Nancy O., Lorain, OH

It was a pleasure to work with Josh. He provided answers to all my questions — solved all my problems — and made me feel comfortable expressing them. I received quality care — with great results — Thank you Josh — good luck in your future. Stay in the area.

Ann L., Amherst, OH

The doctor and his entire staff were very kind. They answered all questions clearly and never made me feel rushed. The entire office has a warm and caring atmosphere.

Judy S., Wellington, OH

Everything was explained so well, the care was excellent, very professional. I am delighted with my new hearing aids! Would definitely recommend Oberlin Hearing!

Tim E., Oberlin, OH

I like their personal service and location.

Evelyn D., Wellington, OH

Everyone in the office was very nice & helpful. They answered all my questions and were very attentive to my needs. And the fact that I can stop by anytime if I have a problem is very good.

Barbara R., Oberlin, OH

High comfort level with personal care. Very professional but relaxed. Excellent follow up to make sure of your comfort level and ease of adapting to more sounds. I can hear the clock ticking now! 🙂

Nancy W., Lagrange, OH

The audiology staff was professional, thorough & answered my questions completely. I was treated like they valued me as a patient & wanted me to be totally familiar & completely satisfied with my hearing aids. I would highly recommend them!

Albert G., Wellington OH

Service was outstanding.

Carol R., Norwalk, OH

Oberlin Hearing offered extraordinary service, experience and expertise! I’m very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone asking about hearing problems.

Thomas L., Elyria, OH

I liked the professionalism, knowledge and precise diagnosis. Dr. Richard Hetsko is an outstanding Audiologist. I highly recommend him along with his staff.

Lisa B., Elyria, OH

The appointments are prompt and the staff is so pleasant and helpful.

Jean H., Oberlin, OH

These are the things I like best about Oberlin Hearing Care: Extensive diagnosis and complete explanation of my hearing loss. Selection of aid based on my personal lifestyle and needs. Extensive training on wearing & care of aids and convenient availability of supplies. Monitoring the first weeks of use & adjustments as needed. Pleasant atmosphere and feeling that my individual lifestyle and needs were important.

Thomas L., Elyria, OH

They were excellent communicators. I’m very pleased with the whole situation. They are well informed.

Teresa C., Elyria, OH

Everyone at Oberlin Hearing Care is the best at what they do. I feel I’m getting the best care from knowledgeable caring people.

Maple D., Hampden, ME

They were very kind, thorough and caring.

Ken E., Elyria, OH

Dr. Hetsko very knowledgeable & able to recommend the best solution for my hearing considering all facets of my situation, hearing loss, finacials, society enviroment. I am extremely pleased with the service I received.

Glenn P., Elyria, OH

Very knowledgeable and professional.

Sondie P., Elyria, OH

She was excellent.

Tish H., Lorain, OH

I wholeheartedly recommend Oberlin Hearing Care. Now I would like to support this with the many reasons I choose to make this recommendation. Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss involves more than just running someone through the typical battery of diagnostic hearing tests to determine the type of hearing loss and using that information to make recommendations about appropriate treatment. Prior to finding Oberlin Hearing Care, specifically Dr. Richard Hetsko, I had been to Three other hearing specialist (two of whom were MDs in this field). None of these three “professionals” were as thorough as Dr. Hetsko. Keep in mind these visits to hearing specialists occurred over a period of years, as I was experiencing the symptoms of not hearing, however, no one was determining what the problem was. These professionals simply ran me through the same battery of tests and concluded that I had some hearing loss, and only one of who presented me with hearing aide options. And this was a company who simply specialized in selling hearing aides. No one including the two “medical doctors” went deeper looking for the possibility that something else (like a tumor or other medical condition) might be contributing to or causing my hearing loss except Dr. Hetsko. Dr. Hetsko referred me to an ENT who would be able to write a prescription for a MRI to rule out the possibility of a tumor on the hearing nerve. An otolaryngologist read this MRI and this MRI did in fact reveal a significant acoustic neuroma on the 8th cranial nerve which was causing my significant hearing loss. Needless to say, I cannot thank Dr. Richard Hetsko enough for being the “specialist” who did not stop until he had left no stone unturned. I will add to that all the personnel in the Oberlin Hearing Care Clinic are extremely friendly, efficient and helpful in every way to make your experience delightful.

C. E., Lagrange, OH

I liked the whole experience with such a professional caring staff and their willingness to work with you to best fit your needs offering many options.

Dale L., Wakeman, OH

They’re convenient, professional & friendly. I’d recommend them to others.

Mark K., Harrison, AR

Very patient and knowledgeable. Was easy to understand.

Charles D., Elyria, OH

Very smart & personable.

Catherine H., Wellington, OH

Mr. Hetsko has been very caring and does all he can to adjust the best hearing aids for my profound hearing loss. He is very passionate in his work. I have been seeing him for 25 years and will continue to see him for his is the best!

Dennis C., Vermilion, OH

Excellent, compassionate care! He analyzed, explained, checked and rechecked to make sure he prescribed the best possible solution. I am very pleased.

John T., Lagrange, OH

They are very professional. Their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr. Hetsko will only recommend the hearing aid that is best for my needs.

Lucille S., Oberlin, OH

Oberlin Hearing Care is a very professional and friendly audiology facility. Dr. Hetsko really tailors his products to his clients’ needs. He won’t sell you a product that doesn’t suit your need or lifestyle. His office staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable. Great place to go for hearing testing and aids!

Terrance C., Amherst, OH

They have been very responsive to all of my needs. Each step was handled very well.

Shirley H., Amherst, OH

I have been with Oberlin Hearing for more than 29 years. I would not think of going anywhere else. I like the fact that you have 75 days to try new aids before deciding if they are right for you or not.

Zota W., Vermilion, OH

I have been a patient of Oberlin Hearing Care for a number of years. I have purchased several hearing aids and have been 100% satisfied with each purchase. Mr. Hetsko gives so much attention and care to your hearing needs. I highly recommend Oberlin Hearing Care, thy have made my life so good.

Lori, Grafton, OH

Dr. Hetsko is incredible. He does so much testing and follow up. I had purchased aids from another doctor and they programmed them and said, “Here you go.” I couldn’t wear one since it wouldn’t stay in my ear. Dr. Hetsko made the new one with a keeper to hold it in my ear. Great office, excellent doctor and staff! I highly recommend them and they are a pleasure to work with.

Eileen F., Wellington, OH

The doctor and his staff are very friendly and helpful. The hearing exams were thorough and quite interesting as the patient is able to see the inner ear and watch the progress of each test on a monitor as its significance is explained by the doctor.

David R., Vermilion, OH

Dr. Hetsko’s professional nature in getting me the perfect hearing aids was wonderful. It was a pleasant experience working with him. His sense of humor made the whole process fun. I would rate him a lot!

Jack F., Brunswick, OH

I liked the very thorough hearing test. Very good test. I also liked the fine explanation about the proper hearing device suited for my hearing level.

Anna B., Grafton, OH

I like that they listen to you, they’re very patient and they explain every detail.

Jeff B., Grafton, OH

I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with Oberlin Hearing Care. I am a long-time hearing aid wearer and this is by far the most comprehensive and informative experience I have ever had! I have learned more in one visit to Oberlin Hearing Care than I had in all my previous visits to others combined. I am extremely pleased with the hearing aids I received and with the quality of the follow-up care. Overall, it has been an excellent experience.

Linda W., Elyria, OH

I like that the appointments are easily scheduled, their time is significantly ‘in and out.’ I like the moderate financial responsibility confirmed in advance of treatment. The office communication is comfortable.

C. H., Wellington, OH

Finding an audiologist I trust (Richard Hetsko) is the best. Also, hearing well again with aids comfortable enough to wear all day and having a program that will fine-tune my aids to my needs for the future.

Thomas B., Elyria, OH

I like the detailed explanation and follow-up visits.

Julia A., Wellington, OH

Dr. Hetsko was very honest and helpful to get the right hearing aid assistance for me, even though I do not hear like I would like to, especially in crowded situations. I have autoimmune inner ear disease and am mostly deaf in the other ear, so my hearing comes and goes. We had to return my first try. I like that I can get you batteries at the office. They only last three or four days. Thanks for all the patience and kindness.

Shirley H., Oberlin, OH

Dr. Richard Hetsko has rendered excellent hearing care for me for 16+ years of my 60+ years of wearing hearing aids. He is caring, informative, diligent in assessing my individual needs to enhance my quality of life. I am an 86-year-old woman with a long-term moderate-to-profound hearing loss.

Marla S., Wellington, OH

Did you ever think that anyone knows everything? Dr. Hetsko comes the closest.